Specific WiFi plans and splash pages for clients

Manage every step of the WiFi experience, dedicate different WiFi plans to your guests. You can create WiFi for guests and Premium WiFi for VIP guests staying in suites. You can provide free WiFi in the resort hall and paid WiFi in the other areas like bedroom, beach or restaurant.

Survey before or post-visit

Make guests to complete a short survey before connecting to the WiFi, and collect their first impressions. Alternatively, send surveys after a set period of time to see if guests’ expectations are being met.

A satisfied visitor is the best advertising that a resort can receive

Do you want to prevent a bad rating on your customer’s review platforms?
The venue owner customers can receive an immediate email alert from the system if the rate is not responding to their goal. Surveys helps to understand the experience of guests and act immediately preventing a bad review on TripAdvisor.

Custom Apps for a unique service

Keep visitors entertained, create custom Apps with generic information about the resort like restaurant’s menu, shop opening time or spa treatments.

Redirect visitors to a specific website to promote your services

When connected, redirect visitors to your website page to advertise your locations and the services you offer

PMS integration with no technical work needed to get started

The PMS integration allow you to use functionality like WiFi access automatically authenticated upon arrival and access terminated on check out. Flexible system allowing usernames to be generated from room number, booking numbers, user email address or any other user information.

Complimentary Access. Connection in a blink of an eye

You may wish to offer complimentary services and amenities to guests, without requiring
registration. Login will be seamless and quick. One click and your client will be connected!