Handle surveys to take smarter business decisions

Whether your customers are testing guest’s satisfaction or launching a new product, you can help them make quick and smart decisions. Improve online reputation and increase published positive reviews.
You have your chance to make a great first impression.
Abandon the paper-based processes and offer a more automated, accessible and intuitive solution.

Survey before or post-visit

Make guests to complete a short survey before connecting to the WiFi, and collect their first impressions. Alternatively, send surveys after a set period of time to see if guests’ expectations are being met.

Build customer loyalty and turn occasional visitors into regular ones

Thanks to a profiled survey system, you can collect information, opinions and suggestions from visitors who connect to your customers’ hotspot. Build the chance to make a great first impressions, communicate with guests, engage with them and make them come back.

A great tool for WiFi venues

Create the perfect survey for visitors, choose from multiple question types, customizable themes, and flexible options. You can schedule the day and the time when launch the survey and make it mandatory or not.

Get feedback via WiFi. Analyze results in real-time

Build and design surveys with a user-friendly interface. Guests adore a personalized experience. Use the following features to create custom surveys, tests or quizzes.

  • Multiple choice
  • Free text
  • Rating scales
  • Number
  • Options
  • Note

A satisfied visitor is the best advertising that a business can receive

Do you want to prevent a bad rating on your customer’s review platforms?
Your customers can receive an immediate email alert from the system if the rate is not responding to their goal. Surveys helps to understand the experience of guests and act immediately preventing a bad review on TripAdvisor.