APIs to help you integrate the best solutions out there

HSNM APIs are designed to enable teams of any shape or size to build robust integrations that help to customize and get the most value out of HSNM. You can create custom applications and add-ons for your deployment. Importantly, you can build bridges to your existing systems and make them talk to HSNM. Integrating procurement systems with an ERP can deliver massive wins for your team (Kelly MrStay, Fairmarkit 2020)

Synchronize your PMS, CRM, ERP, with HSNM

HSNM APIs, which you can ask for the reference documentation, allow you to build a functional app or integration quickly and easily.
Our new APIs management system uses the AES 256 CBC data encryption with different endpoints to facilitate daily tasks and run all data operations (read, write, search and delete).

With Impala integrate HSNM to hotel data in minutes, you can start connecting hotels from the moment you sign up

Seamless integration eliminates duplicate tasks between PMS and HSNM. With just a few clicks you can have hotels integrated with HSNM allowing guests to be automatically authenticated upon arrival and access terminated upon check out.

Impala will be the last PMS integration you’ll ever need

Modern hotel technology needs complete data and that’s what HSNM provides, seamlessly and in both directions.
Whether your customers need to read guest information, create a WiFi access for guests or write a new transaction the Impala API provides a full range of data.

What is Impala?

Impala provides, manages and supports PMS integrations, connecting 80,000 hotels worldwide across 11 PMS. They are currently running pilots or started working on other systems.