Internet access in the middle of the sea

Internet has become a huge part of our lives, including at sea where WiFi is available on virtually all seagoing cruises ships. Passengers will be able to be online: no matter how farther out to sea they will be. With HSNM on-premise platform installed locally on the cruises, passengers will be connected instantaneously.

Save bandwidth and reduce unreliability

Manage every step of the WiFi experience, dedicate different WiFi plans, limiting the traffic or the data and saving bandwidth. You can also create WiFi for guests and Premium WiFi for VIP guests staying in suites. You can provide free WiFi in the cruise hall and paid WiFi in the other areas like cabins, swimming pool or restaurants.

Rely on advertising campaigns scheduled and geo-targeted

With HSNM installed on cruises you can create advertising campaigns to sponsor shows, entertainment attractions, Spa’s offers, theme nights in restaurants or wine tastings planned for each day of the cruise.
With the possibility to activate the geo-localization on the campaigns you can create special Ads dedicated to excursions based on the radius where the cruise is located.

Survey before or post-visit

Let passengers complete a short survey before connecting to the WiFi, and collect their first impressions. Alternatively, send surveys after a set period of time to see if guests’ expectations are being met.

Interactive maps to navigate… through the cruise indoors

Guide passengers throughout the interior buildings with turn-by-turn directions and highlighted routes. Create interactive floor plans that guide passengers through the cruises’ many buildings and floors or simply create and show the navigation path.
Location-based descriptions and messaging allow visitors to explore the collection room by room, find events and locate amenities such as restaurants, Spas, playgrounds and shops.

A system updated according to the current legislation

Keep up with the world, for cruises that move from a country to another, when passengers purchase the desired WiFi plan the receipt/bill can apply the current legislation (for example the VAT taxes) of the country where the cruise is located.