Monetize WiFi by charging guests for WiFi access

Your customers can easily enable secure online payments. Accept credit cards, payment gateways or print prepaid voucher tickets. With a choice of payment gateways for modern business, you get the tools to simplify the transaction processes and grow business.

Built in payment gateways

Custom payment gateways

HSNM is potentially open to all payment systems. Independently develop in the proper web server, the payment system that need to be activated. This feature makes the platform potentially open to all payment systems, thanks to special connectors to the payment gateways that need to be self-developed and published to an external web server.

Easily create, print and distribute cards and vouchers for internet connectivity

Give a personalized passphrase to access the WiFi network. Customize card and voucher text, templates, set date and time allowance, speed limits and other key data. Cards and vouchers can be printed when needed or in advance and distributed to different venues. Print the card with HSNM thermal printer or using a normal printer.
You can even use the API to generate voucher or card codes on the fly!