Branding HSNM Hotspot Manager

For our reseller partners, HSNM runs a branding partnership program for those businesses that would like to sell HSNM under their own brand.
The OEM Software and Administrator Manual Branding service is fee-based. If you would like more information on the customization level, please get in touch with our sales team. As a reseller partner, your branded HSNM can be used for multiple installations and demonstrations. Your customers can download your branded HSNM, try it and purchase the license when ready. There is no need to download and reinstall the software, they will keep all their settings and configurations.
Branding your HSNM Hotspot Manager can make you look more professional together to improve your skilled image. Your customers trust you and trust your brand. Visibility, commitment, and many other factors are also significant when it comes to buying. Build trust with your brand.