A license level system to satisfy a wide range of business and venue requirements

A flexible system allowing you to select your solution to suit a wide variety of business requirements from a single hotspot to a WISP with a 1000 plus venues and wireless networks. Choose the license up to your requirements.

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Each license level manages a defined number of networks and ads with unlimited concurrent users.
HSNM provides you with the maximum flexibility and scalability.

Level Networks
Level 1 1
Level 2 5
Level 3 10
Level 4 20
Level 5 50
Level 6 100
Level 7 150
Level 8 250
Level 9 350
Level 10 Unlimited

As HSNM is also distributed through our channel partners,
we cannot publish pricing on our website, but we will explain pricing options in more detail and share commercials with you.

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HSNM X1BOX for hospitality and receptive areas

The Guest WiFi easy to use, complete and robust.
Unlimited users and devices in wireless, wired or mixed networks to always offer a positive guest experience.

You need user-friendly login methods, engaging guests with targeted video ads & marketing campaigns

HSNM provides hospitality with a welcoming login page, free or charged WiFi plans, surveys, PMS integration, SMS & Email notifications

The WiFi solution for your guests, customers, employees and onboard passengers

With 28K venues using HSNM, it is one of the most highly regarded captive portals available. Robust, powerful and legally compliant.

Coupled with a robust WiFi network, it unlocks the potential for guests, employees, customers, students, patients, and visitors.

Access your local HSNM X1BOX from anywhere via secure web access

Your multi-vendor compatible solution

X1BOX integrate easily with any vendor you have and provides the functionalities extension of the existing network structures.

Works with all brands of WiFi hardware, be wireless, wired or combined. 

Find the right version for your business


Virtual dedicated appliance that is supplied in OVA format, an open standard for packaging and distributing virtual appliances that can be deployed on various vendors’ hypervisors.

Hosted by HSNM

Take advantage of a dedicated instance to manage HSNM in the cloud without having to worry about infrastructure management, initial configuration, installation and backup.

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Standalone dedicated appliance, desktop and rack mountable 1U. Supplied preconfigured and ready to install and work within your network environment.

High Availability option

This option enables installation of multiple servers in different locations, providing High Availability and optimum redundancy.
This option is also beneficial when global minimal latency is required, as servers can be located in different parts of the world.

Branding HSNM Hotspot Manager

For our reseller partners, HSNM runs a branding partnership program for those businesses that would like to sell HSNM under their own brand.

Branding your HSNM Hotspot Manager can make you look more professional together to improve your skilled image. Your customers trust you and trust your brand. Visibility, commitment, and many other factors are also significant when it comes to buying Build trust with your brand.

The OEM Software and Administrator Manual Branding service is fee-based. If you would like more information on the customization level, please get in touch with our sales team. As a reseller partner, your branded HSNM can be used for multiple installations and demonstrations. Your customers can download your branded HSNM, try it and purchase the license when ready. There is no need to download and reinstall the software, it will keep all his settings and configurations.

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