Customize the appearance of the Welcome Portal for your venue customers to reflect their brand

Make a super easy access for your customers, a fully branded welcome page guides your users to the internet. Customize every aspect of your guest WiFi, offer a warm custom on-site experience. Our welcome portal management is designed so that anyone can make changes to the portal with zero web development skills.

A multi-all Welcome Portal and login options

Thanks to the possibility of setting multiple domains on the same Welcome Portal, you have the advantage of offering multi registration forms, different products, requesting different data to different user groups. You can offer Free WiFi for guests and Premium WiFi for VIP member or dedicate special WiFi plans to the hotel guests and Freemium plans to the participants at the Conference rooms.
A multi-everything tool for turning anonymous visitors into engaged and loyal customers.

Take advantage of a unique hardware infrastructure

Offer multiple login forms, different WiFi landing pages, manage users across multiple domains and distinct networks with multiple SSID using the same hardware infrastructure. For example, in a school, you have the ability to create a WiFi network for students and one for teachers with different SSID, domains, Welcome Portal, authentication methods and WiFi plans.

The landing page becomes a flow of steps

WiFi landing page is a tool for turning anonymous visitors into engaged customers and loyal customers. Completely customize your Welcome Portal by using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Welcome Portal is a business communication tool that you can turn it into a flow of several steps that interact with guests and drive to the login page.

The Welcome Portal offers three main areas: Intro page, central Welcome Portal, custom Apps

Marketing your venue with your brand identity promotes your business. Now customers use mobile devices, travel and work all around the world. Day by day they increase their hotspot permanence and that means good business outlook for a smart hotspot owner. HSNM provides you with a fully integrated platform to create and manage your custom branded login pages. Every client’s needs are different and there’s just no ‘one-size-fits-all’.

The Intro Page. The power to amaze

Intro page is the first page that guests see when they connect to the WiFi network and interacting with before access to the Internet is granted.
Customize the Intro page to display videos, YouTube videos, custom images, ads and surveys. Serving the videos from local webserver saves bandwidth!