Connect guests with ease thanks to the Social Login

Often guests are willing to share their information in exchange for a fast login, that’s why adding a social login to WiFi network’s captive portal is a convenient and one-click way for guests to get connected. One click connection via any of their favorite social networks Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon and they are engaged.

Live social and stay connected

The famous social networks at your fingertips: Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, VKontakte, Amazon or custom authentication systems that use OAuth or OpenID.
Invite users to click ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ and publish to their timeline. Your brand will appear on your guests’ Home Page/Timeline, a very effective and cost-efficient way to advertise your venue and service.

LDAP authentication

HSNM brings the benefits of Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP) authentication. More and more schools, colleges, universities see it as a great opportunity to reach more pupils and improve security when authenticating. Big businesses, banks and government agencies take the advantage to centralize the management of the employees.

Custom OAuth and OpenID authentication

Every venue’s needs are different and the primary advantage of this architecture is to give flexibility to any social login implementation that uses OAuth or OpenID.

Facebook pixel add-on

Set up the Facebook pixel to automatically create a Custom Audience of people who visit your WiFi hotspots and take certain actions. With the pixel, you’ll be able to show people targeted ads for items and consequently monitor the conversions of the Facebook Ad campaigns.