Location based Ads to reach your target audience

Geodistance targeting is one of the most important elements you can use to target an ad campaign and a powerful tool to maximize your ad efficacy. The best way to direct messages: offering special discounts, promoting mid-summer sales, happy hours for those near an advertiser’s location and targeting specific locations such as restaurants, retail stores, museums, convention centres…

Display location-dependent different Ads, messages or video

Trigger off banners, messages and videos during the various stages a route. Share information about places of interest, restaurants, museums, etc. encouraging customers to explore their surroundings. Retail stores with a physical location can benefit from attracting new customers.

WiFi connectivity on moving vehicles

Enable GPS tacking and track the location of your mobile WiFi networks, increasing opportunities: trains, boats, planes, buses, vessels, ship and cruise lines.

Track the routes using GPS

The easiest way to track vehicles and get a real-time overview of the fleet. Display the route of the vehicles on your website or Welcome Page App.