Generate leads and grow your business

Advertise businesses on WiFi hotspots and monetize public WiFi. Make the WiFi be part of your marketing strategy.

Give your business a personality

Turn the splash page into a flow of steps that drive guests to the login page personalized with your brand. Create your Intro, users would see large windows unexpectedly “popping up” in front of them surely not to be missed.

Advertise offers or promote businesses

Captivate guests with studied full-page ads, video clips and multiple banners to create the maximum noise and impact. You can promote the business on the devices that people use every day. Ads run on all devices, everything is visible and responsive to each screen size.

Redirect guests to a specific website for more offers

When connected, redirect guests to a special offer page that gives access to a discount code or offers and incentives. You could even drive them straight to your loyalty signup page or to download your app.

Target a quality audience and reach your ideal customers

Define the right audience based on criteria such as age, gender, geography… Personalize the experience at every single touchpoint. You can better understand your customers and attract new audiences.