Digital maps and route planning for large and/or complex venues

Allow visitors to navigate across venues on external maps or interior buildings with turn-by-turn directions and highlighted pathways. Location-based videos, audio files, images, descriptions allow engaging contents for visitors and inform them about events, daily activities, special offers and promotions based on their location in your venue in the form of an easy-to-use mobile App.
Place digital maps throughout venues to help visitors navigate from A-B whilst creating visual cues for points of interest in museums, parks, playgrounds, airports, stations, fairs, etc.

Digital mapping improves efficiency, optimizes experience

Hospitality professionals offer exceptional services and guest experiences while reducing operating costs and increasing revenue.
Deliver exceptional hospitality experience, create familiarity with amenities and points of interest.
Make it easy for guests and personnel to navigate across properties with turn-by-turn directions on a digital map.
If guests understand the space around them, they’re more likely to actually engage with it. When someone is engaged, they have a better, more memorable experience.

Interactive maps and navigation for outdoors venues with GPS

Maps show visitors exactly where they are on the map.
Much like the traditional glossy maps only much more accurate, an overview of an amusement park/campsite/exhibition can give visitors a very clear idea of where they actually are and how far obvious attractions and shops are from them.
A quick guide through the venue is a great way to get an idea of how to walk the paths for best results for those who don’t yet know what they’re looking for or what they’ll like best about the park.

HSNM uses an internal proxy for the tiles of the maps to prevent continuous downloading and any slowdown.