An essential home WiFi service

All major internet providers offer home WiFi service, from everything including smart TVs to smart home devices, the internet has become a vital part of our everyday lives.
In fact, nowadays many are relying on their WiFi connection to stay connected to work and education.

Gain complete control of your PPPoE users

Decide how to create your sales policy, from a single platform you can create and manage different WiFi packages with data/time allowance and speed limits. Study the bandwidth traffic in the last 24 hours. Monitor traffic consumption for customers on the network and import already existing customers.

Welcome Portal to top up: create the right comfort for your users

The Welcome Portal is a fully custom page where subscribers access with dedicated credentials to recharge their profile. Enable subscribers to pay either with their own account or with a credit card based on the type of payment gateway you enable (PayPal,, Mollie, etc.). HSNM will automatically recharge the user with the selected package.

User Profile App dedicated to your subscribers

Thanks to a dedicated App within the Welcome Portal, subscribers can view their profile and get:

  • Connection stats
  • Bandwidth graph performed in the last 24 hours
  • Report of the products purchased
  • Daily and monthly traffic

Promote your service on the Welcome Portal

Every time your subscribers log in to check their consumption or to top up, they will have the opportunity to see the promotions dedicated feeling themselves part of your network.
You can decide to promote Bring-a-Friend reward or inform them if you have just made an agreement with a shop or a sports center.
Take advantage of the Welcome Portal and let your customers get involved!