Different accesses for staff and visitors

Create different landing page, one completely free and unlimited for the museums’ staff and one for visitors with managed and controlled authentication.

Connect guests with ease thanks to the Social Login

Often guests are willing to share their information in exchange for a fast login. This trend is a business opportunity. One click connection via any of their favourite social networks Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon and they are engaged.

More I Like clicks on your Facebook page

Involve and engage your customers. Invite users to click “Like” or “Follow” and publish on their timeline.

Redirect visitors to the Museum’s Facebook page

When connected, redirect visitors to a specific website page (like the website of other archaeological sites or museums or the website of the restaurant in the same city)

Custom Apps for a unique service

Keep visitors entertained, create custom Apps with generic information about the museum like cost of the tickets, opening time or temporary exhibitions or specific information (like the artwork’s description or the café’s menu)

Interactive maps to navigate the indoors

Guide visitors throughout the gallery and interior buildings with turn-by-turn directions and highlighted routes.
Create interactive floor plans that guide visitors through the museum’s many buildings and floors. You can help them discover and locate artworks on display.
Location-based descriptions and messaging allow visitors to explore the collection room by room, find events and locate amenities such as restaurants and shops.

Survey before or post-visit

Make guests to complete a short survey before connecting to the WiFi, and collect their first impressions. Alternatively, send surveys after a set period of time to see if guests’ expectations are being met.