Location based Ads to reach your target audience

A captive portal with its Apps, is a web page that guests are forced to view and interact with before accessing the Internet. One of the HSNM exciting and unique features is the ability to publish Welcome Portal Apps.
The list of the Apps is shown on the bottom of the page. You can create Apps, specifically for the venue owner or apply the same to different places.

Display location-dependent different Ads, messages or video

Trigger off banners, messages and videos during the various stages a route. Share information about places of interest, restaurants, museums, etc. encouraging customers to explore their surroundings. Retail stores with a physical location can benefit from attracting new customers.

WiFi connectivity on moving vehicles

Enable GPS tacking and track the location of your mobile WiFi networks, increasing opportunities: trains, boats, planes, buses, vessels, ship and cruise lines.

Track the routes using GPS

The easiest way to track vehicles and get a real-time overview of the fleet. Display the route of the vehicles on your website or Welcome Page App.