HSNM X1 your smartest WiFi portal

The reliable solution for successful system integration projects -hotels, campsites, hospitals, trains, ships, marinas, theme parks, museums, universities, libraries, companies, convention centres, municipalities-

Your partner for hospitality and receptive areas

Provide your guests, customers and onboard passengers, a secure, user-friendly Internet experience

Robust, powerful and legally compliant.
Coupled with a robust WiFi network, it unlocks the potential for guests, employees, customers, students, patients, and visitors.

The Guest WiFi easy to use, complete and robust.

Unlimited users and devices in wireless, wired or mixed networks to always offer a positive guest experience.

You need user-friendly login methods, engaging guests with targeted video ads & marketing campaigns

HSNM provides hospitality with a welcoming login page, free or charged WiFi plans, surveys, PMS integration, SMS & Email notifications

Download HSNM X1

No matter your infrastructure, you can deploy your HSNM on various vendors’ hypervisors.
You can choose between the 60GB and 200GB virtual machine. HSNM software inside is the same, only required disk space differs.

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    HSNM X1 60GB - (VMware / AWS / XCP-NG .ova image) 3.2 OVA 3 GB 60GB Min 4 GB Min 2 vCpu

    Please contact us at info@hsnetoworkmanager.com as soon as you’ve downloaded it, and you will get a 30-day free trial license.

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    Guides and manuals are available at https://wiki.hsnetworkmanager.com Hotspot Manager online documentation is updated to the latest release.


    We have created video tutorials to help our clients in the most common set up operations. Check out our Youtube Channel.

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