HSNM Hotspot Manager version 7 is coming. A jam-packed version with powerful features that everyone will enjoy
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Enhance every aspect of guest WiFi networks

HSNM Hotspot Manager is the advanced guests and PPPoE users management and marketing platform. The solution you were looking for to manage enterprise networks via central dashboard and provide the technological advantages that large corporations are already enjoying.

HSNM provides the functionalities of the existing network structures

It is the right solution made suitable for all, wide and small, WiFi needs. Smart hotspot solution for value-added services at your fingertips. Our solution is out-of-the-box and it can be easily set up within your existing hotspot network.

HSNM works with the infrastructure you have

Who is using HSNM?

ISPs, WISPs, Telecom, Network Operators and WiFi Network Managers, big companies. HSNM Hotspot Manager is suitable for a variety of network opportunities. It is an all-in-one appliance that is scalable, easy and ideal for all service providers, system integrators, network operators and WiFi network owners.