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Tome el control de sus redes WiFi desde una única plataforma

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Solución inteligente de hotspot para servicios de valor agregado a su alcance

HSNM Hotspot Manager es la solución profesional de autenticación, contabilización y publicidad para la gestión de sus redes WiFi y usuarios PPPoE. La solución que estaba buscando para gestionar todas sus redes desde una única plataforma.

Estos son solo algunos de los negocios que confían en HSNM Hotspot Manager todos los días

Spijkerbosch Uan
HQWiFi has been delivering Guest WiFi access nation wide to New Zealand for over 14 years. In our time we have developed our own custom solutions as well as used several paid options. 3 Years ago we moved to HSNM and we haven't looked back. We handle some 5 Million connections per year across a diverse range of client sites and devices. We have found HSNM to be a reliable and robust solution with many options catering to our customers. Since moving our authentication and Hotspot services to HSNM we have seen our support calls drop from 100 per day to sometimes less than 5. The ability to manage each site individually or as a group using the template system has ensured we're providing a customer solution to all of our clients.
Dritan Vreshta
We use Hotspot Network Manager platform from year 2014 and based on our daily experience with this platform we firmly can say that this is a five star rated software for the Hotspot management. We have use this platform in different setup and we always have experienced stability, efficiency and customers satisfaction that have come as result of very efficient and feature-rich platform. Apart of excellent platform performance we have been supported step by step by the staff members of HSNM in technical, marketing and strategical advice that is something very special in working with this company. HSNM is an answer for all managed Wi-Fi scenarios i.e. small business, big venues, public squares, hotel and touristic resorts, campuses etc. The continues work of the development team make this platform better after each update in regards of new features and new possible application.
Jens Nitzschke
Maximo IT is a german WIFI Hotspot operator based in Hamburg. We provide individual solutions for different businesses. We like HS Network Manager and the team behind because we get very fast support and feedback. Implementation of new features and functions will be done quickly. We also like the option to use an API for external procedures. So we were able to create an external Welcome Portal with special features for one of our main customers. We manage more than 1 million registered users and up to 35k sessions per day with the HS Network Manager.
Writel Bolivia S.R.L
José Alfredo Garcia D.
Desai Vishal
We offer voucher based access, Cafe Access & event Wi-Fi solutions with various makes of access points. It is only possible with HSNM, that we are able to deploy 500+ hotspots in the span of 5-6 months.Junior tech team members are able to configure hotspot in less then 10 minutes of time. All the configuration across different size of hardware and various captive portal is just drop down option, be its a stadium with large gathering or small cafe. In previous other platforms we need to assess the size of the venue and decides upon the solution, now its no-brainer just  deploy. Dashboard and able to configure various custom reports are really helpful in taking decisions and reconciliation of voucher inventory. Various portal apps and Advertising option helps in monetizing & increase customer loyalties.
Arias Fernández Alejandro
Hemant Sawant
Synfocom Systems is an entity emanating from the revered Saibaba Group of Companies with Saibaba Infocom its predecessor. Branched out across 8 major cities of India and has teamed up with juggernauts in the Networking IT and IOT Automation, gives an edge in commissioning an end-to-end solution and under one umbrella made possible by seamlessness of unified software. HSNM is the best solution for WiFi User Management, Especially in public venue WiFi. Compare to other providers, HSNM gives complete feature bundle at pocket-friendly prices. Synfocom Systems enjoys the distribution rights directly from Top of the brands i.e Cisco, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, TP-Link, Huawei etc. hence round-the-clock availability at Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Hyderabad/Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu circles. We provide IT solutions a single, comprehensive, easy-to-manage platform that meets the specific needs of customers in a wide range of industries.
E-Cube Technologies Limited
Adinyira Charles
Vladimir Mihaylov

Portal de Bienvenida: la forma moderna de involucrar a los huéspedes con facilidad

Muestre un acceso súper fácil para sus clientes, una página de bienvenida totalmente personalizada guía a sus usuarios a Internet. Ofrezca una cálida experiencia personalizada en el sitio y mantenga a los clientes más comprometidos

Marcas de dispositivos compatibles

Convierta su WiFi en negocio: monetice el WiFi gratuito a gran escala utilizando anuncios

La publicidad es una de las formas más brillantes de cómo monetizar un servicio WiFi gratuito y aumentar la lealtad a la marca. Los anuncios son comunes ahora y los clientes aceptan ver publicidad a cambio del acceso WiFi. Impulse el compromiso de los visitantes, configure campañas de marketing orientadas geográficamente, dondequiera que vayan, ¡ahí está!

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